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The most reliable used car vehicles

Lucky strike or nightmare - used car vehicles can be both. In the ADAC breakdown statistics for 2022, it is noticeable that there are vehicles that are significantly more reliable than others. So it makes sense to know these in order to expand your fleet with the right cars.

The ADAC breakdown statistics are an important source of information for buyers and sellers of used vehicles. The reliability index is determined and gives an overview of the defects and breakdowns that occur on various models. The higher the index, the more likely it is that the car will malfunction and break down. Causes of breakdowns caused by your own fault, such as an empty tank, are ruled out. In addition, only models that were registered for the first time at least 10,000 times between 2012 and 2019 are taken into account. The statistics also does not provide any estimates of the price-performance ratio.

When choosing a used car, the reliability index can play a major role. Buyers who are looking for used vehicles not only calculate the costs incurred at the moment when making a purchase, they also consider possible costs incurred due to damage or repairs, which are usually faster for used cars than for new cars.

According to breakdown statistics for 2022, these vehicles are particularly reliable

Among the 112 vehicles tested in 2022, 39 are petrol, 26 Diesel, 24 hybrid, 2 natural gas and 21 electric vehicles. The BMW iX3 electric SUV in particular stands out positively when looking at the product properties alone. It has lots of space, a high level of driving comfort, good properties and a high level of safety. In the electric version, the economical drive is also impressive, as according to the ADAC Ecotest it only consumes 21.2 kWh per 100 kilometers and thus has a range of 400 kilometers. The battery also has a remarkable charging capacity: with 150 kW, it manages to charge the car from 10 to 80 percent within 30 minutes. The only point of criticism is the low trailer load, because with only 705 kilos the car is less suitable as a towing vehicle. The Skoda Octavia TDI Combi also did very well in the ADAC breakdown statistics.

Overall, it is noticeable that German premium brands such as Audi or BMW produce very reliable cars, especially in the compact class. The Audi A1, for example, has fewer than ten breakdowns per 1,000 registered cars and thus demonstrates a high level of reliability in all age groups.

Loser in the ADAC Autotest

The losers in the ADAC car test show significant weaknesses in comparison. Most of these cars are developed for a very pointed target group and for this reason have little utility or weaknesses in security. Safety and Environment/Ecotest are assessed twice when creating the index. For example, the worst-placed vehicle models in the 2021 listing are the Ford Mustang Fastback 5.0 Ti-VCT V8, the KIA Picanto, the Fiat Panda Cross 1.0 Hybrid GSE, and the Suzuki Jimny NFZ 1.5. The Renault Twingo Electric is at the last place in the ranking. Basically, this model is seen more as a second car due to its short range, the limited space, the small trunk and the lack of the possibility of driving to fast charging stations. The low rating compared to similar models is due to the outdated safety features.

Importance of the breakdown statistics for the acquisition strategy

The used car trade is also based on how reliable a vehicle is. If it is damaged shortly after purchase, this does not reflect well on the retailer. A business relationship, on the other hand, can be built up through a good first deal based on trust and offers good profit margins not only thanks to further sales but also through inspections or repairs in your own garage if the used car dealer is not just a seller.

To get good quality vehicles, used car dealers can also use live or online auctions. Buchbinder Sale offers a wide variety of vehicles with tested quality for purchases. A large selection of vehicles and a direct appraisal - at least in the case of an on-site auction - are decisive advantages of auctions. But as an online retailer, Buchbinder Sale also offerst extensive information and photo of the vehicles.

Dealers should think about the strategy in advance of the auction for orientation in order to bid on suitable models. In addition, a look at the ADAC breakdown statistics can help to better estimate the selection of models from the end user's point of view. Vehicles that rank low in this statistic will bring in less profit margin when resold.

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