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Auctions restarted every 14 days

Thousands of vehicles that were procured for the Europcar and Buchbinder fleet within a year are gradually being remarketed

Despite the difficult situation on the vehicle market in the last two years, vehicles were offered relatively continuously on the buchbinder-sale.de platform, the successor to buchbinder-auk.de. Most recently, a 14-day rhythm was resumed at the auctions and a two-day auction was held with 240 cars and commercial vehicles. This is possible because thousands of vehicles have been procured for the rental vehicle fleet of Europcar and Buchbinder since November the year before last. These are now gradually being marketed again.

Buchbinder-sale.de started at the beginning of 2021 as the successor to buchbinder-auktion.de in order to market vehicles from the joint rental vehicle fleet of Europcar and Buchbinder. Professionals can purchase returns via the online platform with just one account via four different channels. You can choose between online auctions in real time with "E-Auctions", classic online auctions with a fixed term with "Europcar 2ndMove" and online direct sales. A fourth channel are the live auctions in the logistics center in Neunburg vorm Wald, where you can bid online in real time. However, the live auctions are currently suspended. Dealers who prefer personal direct sales can also contact the team of consultants via the platform.

Even though the website has undergone a complete makeover, the remarketing and purchasing team behind it has remained the same. Markus Utke remains at the helm as Head of Remarketing and Risk Purchase at Buchbinder Sale. Overall, he looks back with satisfaction on the past few months: "Of course, we also suffered from the long delivery times for new cars. But we managed to regularly put together enough returns from the rental car fleet of Europcar and Buchbinder for a continuous offer. It wasn't easy , but for us it is a very important signal to retailers. And we are actually a little proud that we have been able to prove ourselves to be a reliable partner for retailers over the past few months."

The response from dealers was also great, many vehicles had already been sold through personal direct sales before they were sold online. Now that Buchbinder Sale is expanding its range again, the continuity will benefit the remarketing business.

"Of course, our customers who have remained loyal to us over the last few years are the first to notice that our range is gradually improving again. We currently auction an average of 200 vehicles every two weeks in our e-auctions, around half of which are cars , half commercial vehicles. Our online auctions, each with around 50 accident vehicles, also take place every 14 days in rotation."

Of course, other retailers will also notice the growing range over time. "Our sales rate at our online auctions is currently around 70 percent, and we're actually very satisfied with that. After dealers snatched almost every vehicle from our hands at times, this satisfaction may seem a little strange, but in fact there was on the used car market recently, a trend reversal. This means that now, of all times, when manufacturers are supplying more vehicles again, there is a certain degree of uncertainty among consumers due to inflation. And this is also and especially noticeable in the demand for passenger cars. However, the demand for our commercial vehicles is falling still very high."

The reluctance of consumers is also noticeable in the behavior of the bidders. "In the case of cars, we're already seeing dealers offering more and more selectively. They're concentrating on the cars that fit the market. Small cars like the Polo, for example, are very popular, and generally vehicles up to around 30,000 euros."

In the medium to long term, Markus Utke sees interest in cars growing again: "At some point people will have gotten used to the high prices and will need new vehicles, and then at the latest the market will start moving again. We expect an increase in demand, especially for used combustion vehicles Demand Because on the one hand fewer and fewer new petrol and diesel cars will be produced in the next few years, but on the other hand it will still be years before the range and charging station problems with e-vehicles are convincingly solved many consumers are looking at the second-hand market."

In any case, Buchbinder Sale is already well positioned, concludes Markus Utke. "Of the thousands of vehicles that we have recently procured, most have a combustion engine. And in the foreseeable future, this type of drive will be well represented in the fleet due to the high demand from our rental car customers and will therefore sooner or later be in our sale. Medium term however, the proportion of electric and hybrid vehicles will increase significantly."

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