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Car auctions for dealers – fair prices for good margins

We at Europcar and Buchbinder sell returned vehicles from our joint rental fleet. Every year, ten to fifteen thousand vehicles accumulate with us and change hands through our used car auctions for dealers and direct sales.

Used car auctions – for dealers a first-choice source for purchases

Auktionsfahrzeuge im Außenbereich
Vorbereitungen für die Auktion

Our car auctions offer many advantages to you as a dealer:

  • Enormous selection of cars of various categories and price ranges – from young used to long-running and accident vehicles, from small cars to light commercial vehicles.
  • Good margins guaranteed – as with any real-time auction.
  • No commission: We manage the auction ourselves – and only auction vehicles from our own fleet.
  • No provisional sales and no renegotiation: The decision to sell also comes with the acceptance of the bid.
  • No subsequent costs: No mandated transportation providers or document preparation fees.
  • Some vehicles without a minimum price: You can regularly make real bargains with us.
  • Special auctions for certain car categories: including young used, commercial vehicles, and accident vehicles.
  • Detailed information and photos from an independent testing organization for each vehicle.
  • Online pre-selection on your own time: All vehicle data and photos are available online days before the auctions.
  • Maximum convenience with e-Auctions – thanks to intuitive user platform and helpful tools such as reminder function and bidding agent.
  • Free accommodation, food, and entertainment at our live dealer car auctions.
  • Interact with other dealers from all over Germany and many countries in Europe – also at our live auctions.
  • Excitement and entertainment – whether you’re attending in person or watching the auctioneer via live stream.

Get to where you’re going quickly with car auctions for dealers

To use our four different sales channels – real-time auctions in person (Live Auctions) and online (E-Auctions), classic online auctions (Europcar 2ndMove) or direct purchase of entire vehicle contingents – you only need to register once. You can then quickly find all the dates of our upcoming car auctions for dealers and all the vehicles available there with all the details via our home page. Select your desired vehicles and bid on site or online via our bidding platform or our bidding agent. Once the money and documents have been exchanged, the vehicles are ready for pick-up at our logistics center.