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Auctions with Mercedes Benz auctions at Buchbinder-sale.de

Traders with company vehicles, car dealers or car workshops will find a large selection of used cars in various price ranges and categories at buchbinder-sale.de. Returns from the rental car fleet jointly owned by Buchbinder and the rental car provider Europcar are offered for sale.

In the shortest possible time and with just a few clicks, you can find comprehensive information on the online platform and view detailed photos. The used vehicles are carefully checked and appraised by an independent testing organization before they are released for sale. 10,000 to 15,000 vehicles are sold every year.

The extensive auctions also include Mercedes Benz auctions, where you are guaranteed to find the right used car from a wide variety of models, from vans to passenger cars. At live auctions, over 1000 vehicles are often auctioned off over several days. An exclusive and varied entertainment program turns the auctions into an event. If you are unable to attend the auctions on site, you have the option of using our online auctions via live stream.

Audi Versteigerung
Audi Versteigerung

Mercedes Benz Auctions – The advantages of the Buchbinder auction events

At the Buchbinder auctions, bidders are given maximum convenience in processing and independence from third parties. Take part in our events, find the right Mercedes Benz model for you and benefit from numerous advantages:

  • Enormous variety of motor vehicles - from the Mercedes A-Class to the Mercedes Vito, we offer everything.
  • Fair Prices - Because our bidders are in direct competition with each other, no prices are offered that promise no profit margin.
  • No commission - No help is accepted from non-employee service providers at the used car auctions. You will not expect any additional costs or fees.
  • Maximum convenience – after successfully registering on our online portal, you will have full access to all tools and sales channels. In this way we can make your purchase as convenient as possible.
  • No renegotiation and no reservations - the final sale decision is made with the award.
  • Thrills and high tension - At our live auctions on site or online, you can expect pure entertainment and excitement until the auction hammer hits.

Participation in a Buchbinder auction with a Mercedes Benz auction

With successful registration on our user platform, you get access to detailed reports and photos about the condition of the vehicles, which are provided by an external inspection organization. You can also use the portal to search for used cars in a targeted manner and select your preferred sales channel.

We offer different auction formats for the acquisition of the vehicles: live, real-time auctions (Buchbinder E-Auctions), online auctions with fixed duration (Europcar 2ndMove) and real-time on-site auctions (Buchbinder Live-Auktionen), which are held via run for several days. You also have the opportunity to bid on a vehicle via the direct purchase offered on buchbinder-sale.de.

With our online portal we offer you options and tools that make your vehicle purchase as convenient as possible. For example, you can mark your desired vehicles before the live auctions or e-auctions begin and receive precise information about the estimated auction dates. Since vehicles are sometimes sold without a reserve price at our live auctions, you can sometimes find real bargains here. If you cannot take part in an auction directly, our bid agent tool makes it possible for you to bid anyway: You simply set a personal maximum bid and your digital assistant will do the rest.

If you have purchased a vehicle, we will provide you with the purchase documents free of charge. After successfully completing the money exchange, you can pick up your vehicle from us at the logistics center in Neunburg vorm Wald (Upper Palatinate). How you want to transport your vehicle is up to you. So you don't necessarily have to hire a service provider. Subsequent avoidable costs can thus be excluded.

Maximum comfort

At our Mercedes Benz auctions you have the opportunity to purchase a large number of models. The "Vito" model was offered more than 50 times at the last auctions. The B and E class models are also often offered for sale. Altogether, almost 300 Mercedes vehicles were sold at our most recent auctions. On our website buchbinder-sale.de you can see the upcoming dates of the auctions and offers.

Our range of used vehicles is based on returns from our rental car fleet. The vehicles come mainly from Germany and from countries in which Buchbinder and Europcar are active. In our range you will find everything a used car dealer's heart desires, from young used cars and long-distance vehicles, slightly damaged and accident vehicles to passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. At our Mercedes Benz auctions, but also at all other auctions, we offer motor vehicles of the most diverse models and price ranges. With us, car dealers, car workshops and tradespeople with a fleet are guaranteed to find what they are looking for.

Before being sold, each car is transported to our logistics center in the Upper Palatinate, which measures more than 330,000m2, and carefully prepared. Detailed reports are prepared by an external testing organization and professional photos are taken.