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The best time to buy new and used cars

If there is a desire for a car, prospective buyers are faced with many questions. What features does the new car need: Does it have to have a large trunk, or can it be a convertible this time? Which brand is best? A bigger Audi might be at the top of the wish list, but wouldn't a smaller Volkswagen do as well? And does it have to be a new car, or will a used one suffice? When looking at the price, a wide variety of factors must be taken into account, because cars are not always the same price or cheap, but are subject to fluctuations. Not only do supply and demand play a role here, but the right time of year, month and even the right day of the week can also be important.

What time of year is recommended for buying a car?

It is not possible to give a general answer as to which season is best, as it makes a difference whether you want to buy a new or used car. However, the consumer keyword is “countercyclical” in both cases. Going counter-cyclically means acting against the crowd or general expectation. When purchasing a new car, for example, this is the purchase in the cold season, as many potential new car buyers shy away from this because of the difficult weather and thus road conditions for fear of loss of value.

The best time to buy a used car

Anti-cyclical behavior is also recommended for prospective buyers when purchasing a used car. However, since the price for used cars is statistically higher in winter than in summer, the warm season is more suitable for buying a used car, and here in particular the summer holiday season. The number of inquiries at this point is rather low, which is why prices are likely to be lower and higher discounts can be negotiated.

In addition to the optimal time of year, prospective buyers are also advised to plan the purchase of a used car at the end of the month or quarter. This is due to the sellers meeting their targets. If they are still lagging behind with the numbers, they are likely to be more willing to grant a larger discount on the price. And sometimes it even depends on the right day: Various statistical evaluations suggest buying a vehicle on a Monday. It is assumed that this is the day of the week with the lowest workload and that there is therefore a better basis for negotiation.

Used car auctions for dealers

In order to meet the needs of potential customers, used car dealers should offer a wide range of used cars throughout the year. Buchbinder Sale offers dealers and traders the opportunity to bid on used vehicles online via the Buchbinder E-Auctions. The online auctions offer a good approach, especially in times of a thinned out offer on the market, to own the online auctions process behaves like classic online auctions, in which traders can bid via the Internet from anywhere. In the case of the Buchbinder Sale auctions, however, the auctions do not have a fixed term, but are held in real time. The vehicles, which come from the joint rental car fleet of Europcar and Buchbinder, will come under the auction hammer one after the other on a specific date - in a live stream. All further information can be found at buchbinder-sale.de.

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