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The 10 largest truck manufacturers worldwide

Management consultancy McKinsey predicts that truck manufacturers will achieve an annual growth rate of 2.5 percent by 2030. But which truck manufacturers are actually the largest in the world, and how many trucks are newly registered each year? The following list of the ten largest truck manufacturers by the trade magazine Produktion shows that four of them are now of Chinese origin. However, there are also two German names in the top 10.

Japan and India take tenth and ninth place

The Japanese manufacturer Isuzu is in tenth place among the world's largest truck manufacturers with 132,691 new registrations in 2019 (this year is the comparison year for all following figures; later figures were not available for all of those placed). In addition to trucks, it also produces small vans, minibuses, buses and tanks and specializes primarily in diesel engines. He also works closely with General Motors.

The manufacturer Tata from Mumbai is in ninth place among the largest truck producers. It achieved 147,095 new registrations. Tata is part of the Tata conglomerate, which is active in the metal industry, telecommunications, software industry and hotels. The car brands Jaguar and Land Rover also belong to the group of companies.

VW subsidiary Traton with more than 170,000 registrations per year

Eighth place in the ranking goes to Traton with 171,891 new registrations. The company is a subsidiary of Volkswagen and produced under the name Volkswagen Truck & Bus until September 2018. Traton also includes MAN and Scania as well as the Brazilian subsidiary Volkswagen Caminhões e Õnibus.

The Chinese brand Shaanxi Heavy-duty Automobile Group takes seventh place with 179,487 new registrations. The Xi'an-based group employs around 13,000 people and produces buses as well as trucks. The manufacturer is little known outside of China, but it also sells vehicles under the Shacman, Shaanxi and Eurostar brands in Russia and the Middle East.

The US manufacturer Paccar is in sixth place with 181,736 newly registered trucks. Founded in 1905, the company originally produced railroad and logging equipment and also manufactured tanks during World War II. The company now specializes in truck manufacturing. 181,736 Paccar vehicles were newly registered. The Kenworth and Peterbilt brands also belong to Paccar and are particularly widespread in the USA and Europe.

Chinese dominance in the higher ranks

Fifth place goes to China National Heavy Duty Truck Group (CNHTC). The number of new registrations was 199,586. The company, also better known as Sinotruk, was founded in 1959 and presented its first truck a year later. The Chinese manufacturer now even sells in several South American countries.

VVolvo Trucks from Sweden takes fourth place in the ranking. In 1928 the company manufactured its first truck. Renault Trucks and Geely, among others, also belong to the group. In the same year, Volvo Trucks achieved 216,202 new registrations. Volvo is also a major shareholder in the truck division of the Chinese car company Dongfeng and operates construction machinery production in China.

Dongfeng, another Chinese manufacturer, is in third place. The company has been producing trucks, buses and cars in Shiyan since 1969 and would like to expand outside of China in the Middle East, Africa, South America and Eastern Europe. The number of new registrations was 261,800.

Second place is held by the manufacturer FAW, which has its headquarters in Changchun, with 284,899 registered trucks. FAW not only produces trucks, but also cars, buses and diesel engines. In addition to some factories in China, the company also manufactures in Russia and Ukraine. FAW also works with Volkswagen, Toyota and Mazda.

First place goes to Germany

The German manufacturer Daimler Truck is by far the world's largest commercial vehicle manufacturer. In the same year, 358,663 trucks were newly registered worldwide. The company produces under the brands Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, Western Star and BharatBenz, among others, and is part of the Mercedes-Benz Group. Daimler Truck sells a third of the trucks it produces in Asia and North America.

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