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Electric cars and rental vehicle market

Electric vehicles are on the rise, the days of combustion cars are numbered. But how is this trend affecting the rental vehicle market? Can we expect a quick changeover or will the process of integrating e-vehicles take longer?

The fact that the fleets of the rental companies are generally quickly converted to new models with the latest technology in order to be able to offer customers vehicles that combine great driving pleasure and comfort speaks for a speedy implementation of the trend in the rental car business. New models are therefore part of the marketing strategy because tenants can test how they like them. This approach can also have a positive effect on the integration of e-cars into rental car fleets.

Charging stations and ranges as key factors

How quickly this development takes place depends not least on the expansion of e-charging stations and the range of e-vehicles. Many rental cars are booked to travel to destinations in the region from central points such as train stations or airports.

Therefore, the rental car user will ask himself whether the Stromer can offer the required mileage at all. If there are any doubts, the choice will certainly fall on a combustion engine or, as an interim solution, on a hybrid vehicle that does not require a charging station.

The situation for e-vehicles is even worse in rural regions, where car renters usually drive even longer distances and where the charging station network is naturally less dense than in urban regions. Combustion vehicles will have the upper hand here for the foreseeable future.

E-cars will gradually gain shares in rental car fleets

All in all, it can be concluded that e-vehicles will probably find their way into many company car fleets very quickly - also due to political requirements. This process is already in full swing. In rental vehicle fleets, however, the development will drag on for a while and will probably take a similar course to the sale of e-vehicles to private buyers. Only when the relevant framework conditions are right and consumers have developed trust in e-vehicles and their range as well as in the density of charging stations can fleets be converted very quickly.

Similar to the rental vehicle fleets, a gradual adjustment of the vehicle range at Buchbinder Sales can be expected in the foreseeable future. More electric vehicles will be added step by step. In the next few years, however, combustion vehicles will still predominate.

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