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10 points that end consumers pay attention to when buying a used car

When buying a used car, end consumers have to pay attention to a wide variety of points in order to find the right vehicle for them. Even before an assessment, end users are advised to find out about the vehicle model, typical weak points and service intervals. Prepared buyers even have a checklist to pay attention to the critical aspects when buying a used car. It is therefore advantageous for dealers of used cars to take the same points into account when preparing and determining the price.

1 - Vehicle documents

Buyers of used cars should pay attention to the papers presented and check them thoroughly for the absence of a vehicle registration documents, HU reports or COC papers. If documents are missing, you can usually apply for them again, but this is always associated with additional effort and costs.

Incomplete documentation may deter potential buyers as it could mean that the car has been neglected in terms of maintenance.

2 - Accidental Damage

Different gap dimensions on the doors, fenders and tailgate can indicate possible accident damage and are therefore high on the buyer's check list. In addition, the paintwork of a car is carefully examined and attention is paid to orange peel or dull areas, color runs or color differences.

3 - Rust spots

For the rust check, potential buyers attach importance to the used cars being washed and clearly visible when they are viewed. The body of the vehicle is examined by an interested party for scratches, quirks and rust spots. Wheel arches, door edges, the fuel filler cap and the decorative strips or other add-on parts are known areas with potential for rusting. Careful buyers often use a flashlight to check the underbody for rusting, while also checking for traces of oil on the floor.

4 - Tire treads

When end consumers are interested in a used car, they consider what possible costs they could face in the near future when they buy it. Tires are therefore at the top of the checklist. Excessive wear will prompt replacement and irregular wear could indicate problems.

5 - Discs

Defects in the windows can quickly incur costs for the consumer, which is why they should be examined in detail when buying a used car.

6 - Lights

For a light check, the functions of all lights are checked. Likewise, the covers are usually checked by interested parties for cracks or stone chips.

7 - Interio

What do the seat covers and surfaces look like? Is there any damage to the dashboard? Are the seats easy to adjust? Do the seat belts run smoothly? Potential buyers ask themselves these questions when examining the interior.

8 - Mileage

A comparison of the mileage on the speedometer with the data in the sales documents is a must when checking the vehicle.

9 - Engine compartment

Opening the engine compartment can reveal defects or a maintenance backlog. In addition to brittle or porous cables and hoses, consumers also pay attention to oil and water levels.

10 - Test drive

In a final step, potential buyers are persuaded by a test drive. You can get information about the used car when you start the engine, check the steering and the driving experience, and do a brake test.

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