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Rental vehicle market - developments in the vehicle fleet

Electric vehicles are on the rise, the days of combustion cars are numbered. But how and when will this affect the rental vehicle market? Many expect that rental fleets will be quickly converted to the new technology in order to be able to offer customers vehicles that combine great driving pleasure and comfort in the most modern way. And to give them another reason to rent the vehicles from them.

In addition, vehicle rental companies have always been interested in buying vehicles with the latest technology and are therefore predestined to contribute to the establishment of e-vehicles on the German market. Renters can test how they like the technology, and regular renters can also test which e-models they particularly like.

But what development can actually be expected in the rental vehicle fleets?

In fact, it can be expected that the demand for electrically operated rental vehicles will gain in importance with the expansion of e-charging stations and the growing variety of e-models, but above all with the expansion of the range. Initially, however, the main focus will be on the cities. However, the expansion is slowed down by the fact that rental vehicles are usually rented for intensive use and longer distances. In urban regions, too, combustion vehicles will probably remain indispensable for a long time to come, unless consumers are willing to spend more time charging more frequently.

The situation for e-vehicles looks even worse in rural regions, where car rental companies usually drive even longer distances and where the charging station network will naturally be even less dense than in cities. Combustion vehicles will still have the upper hand here for the foreseeable future.

All in all, it can be said that e-vehicles will probably find their way into many company car fleets very quickly - also due to political requirements. In rental vehicle fleets, however, the development will take longer and will probably take a similar course to the sale of e-vehicles to private buyers. Only when the relevant framework conditions are right and consumers have developed trust in e-vehicles fleets can be converted very quickly.

How does this affect the used car situation at Buchbinder Sale?

Parallel to the developments in the rental vehicle fleets, Buchbinder Sales is also not expecting any major changes worth mentioning in the foreseeable future. More and more electric vehicles will be added over time. But in the next few years, combustion vehicles will still predominate.

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