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Vehicle purchase: advantages and disadvantages of the different channels

The car trade is currently in a difficult situation. In the case of new cars, production has come to a standstill, in particular due to the lack of chips. The war in Ukraine and the associated economic sanctions against Russia are also complicating the overall economic situation. Due to the shortage of new vehicles, the demand for used vehicles has risen sharply. But where do dealers get the used ones from in such situations? What are the best sources?

In contrast to the new car trade, there are more procurement options in the used car trade. The private car owner is an important source. But other dealers, car manufacturers, fleet operators, leasing companies, car rental companies, importers and other car dealers also play an important role in procurement. The purchase is made through different channels with different advantages and disadvantages.


The easiest way to get used cars is to trade them in from private individuals. The margin potential is often particularly large here. However, it is clear that the trader can only take the vehicle that the customers bring with them, and that the vehicle is usually older than the used vehicle that is given in return. In this respect, luck decides to a large extent whether the customer's car fits into their own range of products or whether it can be resold on the market at a good price.

Online exchanges

In contrast to trade-ins, online vehicle exchanges offer dealers the opportunity to search for specific vehicles with specific characteristics and thus supplement their range in line with demand and range. Filters can be set for almost everything - make and model, year of manufacture, mileage, drive, color, equipment - there is hardly a feature that cannot be selected or excluded. In addition, online exchanges - apart from trade-ins - are the easiest way to get vehicles from private individuals and thus to be able to realize maximum profit margins.

However, this type of procurement involves a relatively large amount of effort. It takes a lot of time from viewing the vehicles and communicating with the provider to the on-site appointment with an intensive appraisal of the used vehicle and price negotiations before the purchase can finally be processed. In addition, a lot of experience is required, because not every seller is honest enough to state accidental damage or major repairs, for example. Manipulation of mileage is also widespread. And if the offered vehicle doesn't meet your requirements or you couldn't reach an agreement with the seller, all the effort was for nothing.

Remarketing Channels

If you want to save yourself the hassle and risk associated with searching for a vehicle on online exchanges, you can also buy vehicles directly from manufacturers, leasing service providers or fleet operators via the various online remarketing channels. The vehicles offered there have often already been examined in some form. Mostly there are also meaningful pictures of the vehicles to see. The buyer gets a better and mostly realistic picture of the offered car in advance.

However, these channels often only offer a very limited selection of vehicle makes and models. Dealers who are looking for different types of vehicles in order to address a wider audience with a wider range and take less risk therefore usually have to look for different channels. This also means that a separate account must be created on each channel. In addition, "collecting" the vehicles can be very tedious, because each channel is also connected to different handover locations.

Convenient B2B alternative with maximum choice and security

The "buchbinder-sale.de" portal is an alternative that combines the highest possible level of security when purchasing a vehicle with the greatest possible selection and maximum convenience. Returns from the huge and varied joint rental vehicle fleet from Europcar and Buchbinder are constantly being offered here: from young used vehicles to long-distance vehicles, from commercial vehicles to accident vehicles, plus numerous different brands and models with different equipment. With just one registration, there is something for almost every retailer. Comprehensive, meaningful information and images are available online for all vehicles for sale, provided by an independent expert organization.

Another advantage of the portal is the various forms of sale that the portal offers: dealers can purchase the vehicles not only by direct purchase, but also by real-time or run-time auction, according to their preference. The real-time auctions, complete with auctioneer and gavel, will even be streamed live, which will appeal to those who enjoy the thrill and entertainment of live auctions. If you have found suitable vehicles in the real-time auctions but do not have time for the auction date, a bidding agent is available on buchbinder-sale.de. This automatically bids for the selected vehicles up to a previously defined maximum price.

Market in transition

Today's used car market is larger and more diverse than it has been in years past. A good, wide range promotes success when trading in vehicles. Developments in the automotive trade will not stand still in the coming years either. The demand for e-vehicles (plug-in hybrids and e-mobiles) in particular will continue to rise. Currently, however, the petrol engine is still the most popular vehicle, well ahead of the diesel. The rental car business of Europcar and Buchbinder will reflect this change, so that dealers can be sure that they will continue to find a market-oriented selection on buchbinder-sale.de in the future.

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