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Vehicle logistics before the sale

Before used cars from the joint rental vehicle fleet of Europcar and Buchbinder are offered for auction or direct purchase on buchbinder-sale.de, they are collected in the logistics center in Neunburg vorm Wald. But how does the company know when to collect which car? And how do they get to the Upper Palatinate? Hardly anyone knows which steps are necessary to be able to provide the vehicles there in the manner valued and proven by many dealers and garages.

From procurement to logistics to the sale of the vehicle, numerous closely coordinated processes are required. The first step begins right after the purchase. Because when the vehicles are added to the rental vehicle fleet, a day is set from the beginning for each vehicle that is later rented there, after which it can be removed from the fleet again. This date, known internally as PSD (Predicted Sale Date), is stored in the IT system of Europcar and Buchbinder and a correspondingly long systemic block is set up.

As the date approaches, the system notifies the regional branch and dispatch center responsible for the vehicle that the vehicle is for sale and that the ban will be lifted shortly.

Once a certain number of vehicles to be diverted has been reached in a region, the regional dispatcher arranges for all cars and commercial vehicles to be brought to a regional collection point, a so-called compound. The vehicle is transferred on its own – either by one of our own employees or by a transfer service provider. At the same time, a logistics service provider is commissioned to bring the vehicles to Neunburg vorm Wald by articulated lorry. The logistics service provider is often also the operator of the compound.

Even before the vehicles are removed from the compound, employees of the commissioned logistics service provider remove the number plates and send them together with the vehicle certificates part 1 and the vehicle keys to a special service provider for the control of fleet vehicles. This already keeps all other vehicle-specific documents and materials: the vehicle certificate part 2, the CoC certificate and the spare keys. After receiving the documents, the special service provider deregisters the vehicles. At the same time, the logistics service provider takes them to the Buchbinder logistics center, where further preparatory steps take place.

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