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Charging Infrastructure Conference 2023: How electric mobility can be implemented faster

The 2023 charging infrastructure conference took place in Berlin on June 29. It was organized by the Federal Ministry for Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV). A total of around 600 guests took part in the conference on site or via live stream.

Volker Wissing, Federal Minister for Digital Affairs and Transport, explained: "Infrastructure policy is a central aspect of future planning. I am looking forward to shaping the path to tomorrow's mobility together with various stakeholders at the BMDV's charging infrastructure conference. We have already made significant progress with the implementation of the charging infrastructure master plan II, the connection of charging infrastructure and power grid expansion as well as the basic work in the area of battery-electric trucks To support companies in setting up fast-charging infrastructure."

Funding programs for private and commercial use

The first funding program aims to promote self-supply of electricity when charging in private residential buildings. It includes the combined promotion of charging stations, photovoltaic systems and storage systems. Funding of up to 500 million euros is available. The program is scheduled to start in autumn 2023. If you want to be funded, you must be able to prove that you have an electric car.

The second funding program supports the development of fast charging infrastructure for commercial cars and trucks, including grid connection. It is financed with a total of up to 400 million euros and is scheduled to start in the summer.

The talks focused on the following topics: setting up the charging infrastructure, the role of the municipalities as key players and charging e-trucks.

Publication "Simply charge e-trucks"

The National Control Center for Charging Infrastructure is responsible for the activities to expand the charging infrastructure in Germany on behalf of the BMDV and under the direction of the state-owned NOW GmbH. She presented her latest offerings, including the publication "Simply charge e-trucks", a theme page on the charging infrastructure for e-trucks, the third course on the e-learning platform LadeLernTOOL and the guideline "Simple charging without obstacles". This is about the barrier-free charging infrastructure and the monitoring of the data in the German network.

The control center also gave an outlook on the implementation of the "local master plans" to support the municipalities in planning the charging infrastructure and on a comprehensive study on private charging in residential buildings in Germany.

A good charging infrastructure is the basis of e-mobility

The conference emphasized the central importance of a comprehensive, needs-based and user-friendly charging infrastructure for the success of electromobility. It was aimed at decision-makers at EU, federal, state and local level as well as at companies, especially in the automotive industry, energy supply, network operation and the operation and manufacture of charging infrastructure. In addition, it was accessible to the general public.

Johannes Pallasch, spokesman for the control center's management team, emphasized: "With the increase in electromobility, we have entered a new phase. Many people who are now buying an electric car have neither dealt intensively with this relatively new technology, nor do they feel the desire to do so after the purchase. And that's fine. As the National Control Center for Charging Infrastructure, we are working on behalf of the BMDV to offer these people the simplest possible charging experience. Our motto is: 'Simply charge. Work on it we.' Especially with e-trucks, we have a lot of work ahead of us to get the industry on the way to climate neutrality."

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