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A new car! But what to do with the old one?

When drivers want to buy a new vehicle, the question arises as to what to do with the old one. But not everyone gets rid of their previous car in the same way. In addition to clear sales preferences, DAT statistics also show differences between new and used car buyers.

The most popular option is trade-in

One of the most popular options is a trade-in through the car dealer. New car buyers in particular use this option (55%). The dealers' increased interest in used cars enables them to offer a high purchase price, which creates liquidity when buying a new car, which can be used for the new car. This option is also used by 37% of used car owners.

According to DAT, dealers have shown great interest in buying used cars over the last year due to the shortage of vehicles. What is interesting here, however, is that this approach has no influence on brand loyalty when making new purchases. Only 34% of used car buyers remained loyal to the previous brand when purchasing a new one, even though they were satisfied. The rate for new car buyers was still 47%.

Selling to the dealer, private individuals or leasing return?

If you primarily want to make money with the old vehicle, you have the option of selling it. But how much money the customer can still get depends on several factors, such as the overall condition of the vehicle and individual components such as tires, brakes, exhaust, bodywork, etc.

The different approaches between new and used car owners become apparent when looking at the different sales options. According to DAT, new car owners are less likely to sell their cars to dealers (7%) or private individuals (14%). For used car owners, however, selling to private individuals is one of the most important options. Around 41% use this option because it allows them to get rid of their car quickly and easily and they don't have to wait long for their money.

A sale of used cars to dealers rarely takes place without a trade-in (9%). The situation is similar when it comes to leasing returns. Only 1% of used car owners and 22% of new car owners use this option.

Decommissioned, scrapped, given away or stolen

There are other options for getting rid of your old vehicle: You can decommission the vehicle or, if it is completely worn out, have it scrapped. Another possibility is acceptance by the manufacturer, because the European end-of-life vehicle regulation obliges them to take back their vehicles free of charge. Although no more money is earned in this way, sometimes it is simply a matter of taking the old vehicle out of service - for example, if the TÜV result no longer gives hope. This procedure is carried out via collection points commissioned by the manufacturers.

If the car can still be used and you don't necessarily depend on the residual value, there is still the option of giving it away. These are options used more often by both used car owners (12%) and new car owners (2%). According to the DAT statistics, car thefts curiously also fall into this area of analysis.

How used car dealers can increase their offerings

Used car dealers are constantly looking for new used cars. The professionals at Buchbinder Sale offer dealers and tradespeople the opportunity to bid on used vehicles online via the Buchbinder auctions. Especially in times of very thin supply, online auctions offer a good approach to expanding your own offering.

In addition to the classic on-site auctions, traders have the chance to take part in e-auctions. In contrast to the "classic" online variant, however, the auctions do not have a fixed term, but function like real-time auctions. Participants can tune in via a live stream when the vehicles, all of which come from the joint rental vehicle fleet of Europcar and Buchbinder, come under the hammer on a specific date. You can watch live as auctioneers present the vehicles, collect the bids and award the contract with a gavel.

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