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Before the sale: procedure in the logistics center

Numerous closely coordinated processes are required, from procurement and logistics to the sale of the used cars from the joint rental vehicle fleet of Europcar and Buchbinder on buchbinder-sale.de. In the first steps, the vehicles intended for sale are identified and transported from the various rental stations to the logistics center in Neunburg vorm Wald. Further measures are then taken to ensure that customers receive attractive offers and that they have all the information relevant for selection and pricing at their disposal.

Independent appraisals

When the cars and commercial vehicles arrive in Neunburg vorm Wald, they have already been deregistered from the registration authorities. The "blank" vehicles are first checked for damage on their parking space by an employee of an independent expert organization.

The expert creates a detailed visual report in which all visible defects are documented with meaningful photos.

After this visual inspection, the vehicles are taken to the workshop on the premises of the logistics center. There, specialists carry out a second check and go through the wagons on the basis of the report. Depending on their condition, the vehicles are divided up there. One group consists of vehicles with slight signs of wear that can be prepared and sold directly. Vehicles that are so badly damaged that repairs are no longer worthwhile belong to another group. Finally, the third group consists of slightly damaged cars, which are worth repairing.

Repair or not?

The decision as to which damaged vehicles with the existing defects are to be sold and which repair work is to be carried out on which damaged vehicles, if any, is made by the workshop staff in close consultation with the Buchbinder Sale sales team. While the technical specialists can estimate the effort and costs of possible repairs, the sales specialists contribute their market expertise. They know the demand situation, the requirements of potential buyers and the prices that can be achieved in the sale and are best able to say whether and which interventions make sense. If the decision to repair is made, this is then carried out in the company's own body and paint shop.

Maintained and with comprehensive information for sale

All cars and commercial vehicles, undamaged, repaired and unrepaired, undergo further processing before sale. This includes intensive cleaning of the interior and luggage compartments as well as thorough washing of the outside of the vehicle and polishing of the paintwork. The staff again then takes pictures of the vehicles.

Finally, all data relevant to a vehicle and relevant to the seller is compiled and uploaded to buchbinder-sale.de together with meaningful photos of the object for sale and any damage that has been repaired. After registering or logging in, visitors to the website can access them at any time for all vehicles for sale.

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