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The most important acquisition channels: what car dealers should pay attention to (part 2)

Various channels are available to car dealers for this additional purchase of used vehicles. But not everyone uses them. However, a survey by Buchbinder Sale shows that more and more retailers are planning to use more channels than before. The first part of this article introduced online car exchanges, on-site direct sales and online direct sales. Read the second part on this topic with additional acquisition channels here.

Online Auctions

Buying used vehicles via online auctions is also very popular with many car dealers. These are usually classic online auctions with a fixed auction end or with a fixed term. The dealer who has submitted the highest bid at the end of the auction is awarded the contract. There are also, albeit rare, online auctions that take place in real time – with an auctioneer and gavel. At best, such real-time online auctions are broadcast live so that participating dealers can experience a little of the entertainment and excitement of a classic auction. At the latest when your own dream vehicle is under the hammer and the famous "first, second and... third" sounds, a special thrill is guaranteed.

The great advantage of online auctions - as of all auctions - are the guaranteed fair market prices, at least when it comes to purely commercial auctions. Because of course every professional entrepreneur makes sure that his margin is right in the end. Nevertheless, there are also differences in the commercial auctions, which dealers who want to buy should pay attention to. For some sales campaigns, commissions are required for the auction service provider, for example, or prices are renegotiated. Others also add hidden costs to the purchase price. This starts with fees for providing the vehicle documents and can end with the forced use of a paid logistics service provider for vehicle delivery. The best choice is therefore an auction in which the decision to sell is made when the bid is accepted and no further costs are incurred.

As with online direct sales, it is also important for online auctions that there are comprehensive reports on the condition of each vehicle from independent testing organizations as well as meaningful photos of the vehicle and the visible defects.

On-Site Auctions

On-site auctions are the supreme discipline of all auctions. The effort for the auctioneer is usually greater than with all other forms of sale, but they are also the most entertaining way of buying and are particularly popular with many dealers. Because here they not only get vehicles at good, market-oriented prices and experience the thrill of this type of auction up close, but can also make contact with other dealers. In addition, all vehicles can be inspected on site, which is important to many professionals. For example, the "smell" of a vehicle in the interior can sometimes be decisive for whether there is interest and, if so, what the price limit is.

Regardless of the many advantages that an on-site auction offers, it is only worthwhile for most dealers if they can reach it quickly or if the offer is particularly large. In addition, the same aspects should be considered for on-site auctions as for online auctions: no renegotiation, no commissions, no hidden costs and detailed condition reports from independent experts that can be called up in advance, combined with detailed photos, should be a matter of course.

Addressing potential sellers

Last but not least, addressing potential sellers is a popular buying channel. This is usually done by leaving cards on the vehicle that the dealer is interested in. The advantages are obvious: If the vehicle owner is interested in selling his vehicle, he has to drive it to the dealer. He can take a close look at the vehicle in his own workshop and suggest a price. Very good prices can sometimes be achieved with inexperienced sellers without market knowledge. The disadvantage, however, is that the purchase cannot be controlled. Even if a large number of cards have been distributed, it is possible that no car owner will contact you. And even if a potential seller is in your own yard, it can quickly become apparent that the price expectations are too far apart, so that no deal can be made. Anyone who is dependent on a regular supply of new used cars will therefore not be able to avoid using the other sales channels.

Many channels on one portal

At Buchbinder Sale we offer several of the purchase channels described above: on-site direct sales, whereby prior registration by telephone is necessary, online direct sales and both variants of the online auction, i.e. the classic online auction and the real-time online auction. In principle, we also conduct on-site auctions several times a year in our logistics center in Neunburg vorm Wald. In view of the current situation, however, these are currently suspended.

What all of our sales channels have in common is that all of the vehicles on offer come from the shared fleet of Europcar and Buchbinder and that all of the cars can be found on our portal buchbinder-sale.de. With just one account, dealers can use all of our sales channels, search specifically for the vehicles they want and call up a status report from independent experts with meaningful photos for each vehicle. We also guarantee that there are no renegotiations and no hidden costs with us. The buyer can organize the collection of the vehicle himself. On request, our experienced team of experts is also available to advise prospective buyers.

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