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What do car dealers have to look out for when buying accident vehicles?

Small scratches do not make an accident vehicle. But at the latest when a car or commercial vehicle has body damage, i.e. it has been damaged by external influences, it is considered an accident vehicle. These can be a lucrative investment for car dealers, especially when they have the opportunity to purchase these vehicles at a bargain price, repair them themselves, and resell them at a good margin. Another reason is that heavily damaged accident vehicles in particular can be cannibalized as a spare parts store. Buchbinder Sale also regularly offers accident vehicles from the Buchbinder and Europcar fleets on its auction platform.

It is important for buyers of salvaged vehicles to know the extent of the accident in which the vehicle was involved. A thorough inspection of the accident damage can help to avoid possible problems with the vehicle afterwards. This also includes checking the frame and bodywork of the vehicle for possible damage.

Another important factor is the repair history of the accident vehicle. Car dealers should be well informed about the repair work and make sure that all repairs have been carried out properly. A professional appraiser can help with this by conducting a thorough inspection of the vehicle and identifying any imperfections.

In addition, car dealers make sure that accident vehicles meet all necessary safety requirements. This includes checking the brakes, steering and other safety-related systems.

Reputation of the seller of accident vehicles is an important criterion

The good reputation of the seller of a salvage vehicle is an important factor. Car dealers should make sure that they only buy such vehicles from reputable sellers such as Buchbinder Sale. The advantage of the Buchbinder auctions is that comprehensive information and meaningful photos from an independent testing organization as well as vehicle-specific information from the Buchbinder and Europcar vehicle management system are available for all accident vehicles on offer. Because Buchbinder Sale provides car dealers with all the relevant information about the vehicle, potential risks and problems for the dealer are minimized in advance.

It is also important for car dealers when purchasing accident vehicles that spare parts are available for the vehicles purchased. Since the vehicles at Buchbinder and Europcar are usually not older than 5 years, this is not a problem.

Insurance of accident vehicles

Another aspect from the car dealer's point of view is the insurance of accident vehicles. Insurance costs for a vehicle that has been involved in an accident may be higher than for a comparable undamaged vehicle. Therefore, car dealers should find out in advance how the insurance costs for the vehicle in question are calculated and what effects this can have on the sales price.

In addition, car dealers should ensure that they comply with the laws and regulations relating to the purchase and sale of accident vehicles. These include, among other things, the obligation to mark the vehicle as an accident vehicle and to disclose the accident history to potential buyers. Violations of these regulations can lead to legal consequences and damage the dealer's reputation.

In conclusion, buying salvage vehicles brings both opportunities and risks for car dealers. However, through careful analysis of the relevant factors and thorough preparation, car dealers can successfully enter this business and reap the benefits that salvage vehicles offer. Buchbinder Sale is a partner that many dealers have relied on for many years when purchasing used cars and commercial vehicles, including accident vehicles.

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