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Car dealers – What types of buyers are there?

Anyone who sells cars to car dealers is well advised to deal with the different types of buyers. The better you adjust to your counterpart, the more you can achieve in negotiations. But how do you recognize the different types?

The Pragmatist

This buyer is primarily concerned with an uncomplicated and fast purchasing process. The vehicle offered only has to be reasonably interesting for him and offer him a good price-performance ratio that is just about acceptable. The vehicle should also be easy to pick up or even deliver, because long distances and travel times are not desirable. Then it can go very quickly with the purchase, because there is only talked as much as necessary.

Sellers who deal with the pragmatist type on the buyer side can usually be happy. The pragmatist takes what he can get, pay for and sell again as long as the price still offers him a sufficient margin and the car is then quickly in his yard. Anyone who wants to talk to him about the sale, for example to establish a long-term business relationship or to get rid of vehicles that are difficult to sell, will not get very far with the pragmatist.

The selective shopper

This buyer knows his market and knows exactly which vehicles with which characteristics he is looking for. His decision-making processes are matrix-based so that he can work through the many vehicle characteristics that are important to him in a targeted manner. If the vehicle model and features are right and the price is attractive enough, the selective buyer has achieved his goal and the sale will be concluded.

Sellers who meet the type of selective buyers should know their own offer in detail and know exactly which vehicles are suitable for a possible deal. On the other hand, anyone who thinks that he can reach his goal with a relaxed conversational tone and that he has to look up every question will quickly notice that the selective buyer is losing interest.

The bargain hunter

For the bargain hunter, details only play a secondary role. The main thing is that the margin that he can achieve on resale is as high as possible. That's why he prefers to look for brands and models that regularly achieve high prices on the market. These can also have damage or other defects that he can retouch with little effort. Alternatively, he looks for accident vehicles, which he prepares or cannibalizes in his own workshop.

As a seller, you can prepare well for this type of buyer by always having a few vehicles ready that match your search profile. However, the seller should know that some bargain hunters looking for slightly damaged vehicles are not the most honest of people and many vehicles will not resell at a bargain price.

The Relationship Buyer

The relationship buyer is the likeable type. He is not interested in one-off negotiation successes. He wants to build long-term, stable relationships with his business partners. Pushing prices to the lowest point is not his style. Rather, the motto is: live and let live. The danger for the relationship buyer is that he sometimes allows himself to be exploited for the sake of peace.

If the seller is also looking for long-term good business relationships, then the relationship buyer is the perfect partner, because both will deal with each other harmoniously. Longer conversations are possible. The private sphere is also included.

The Poker Face Buyer

The poker face buyer is a player. For him, every sales negotiation is like a game of poker. No negotiation will be boring with him, because he loves to interact with his counterpart and likes to try out different strategies.

He talks a lot, throws a few snags in the conversation and likes to throw in personal words, only to quickly get back to the actual topic. Ultimately, he plays with his interlocutor to find out where the limits are.

As a seller, you shouldn't react annoyed to this type of buyer. Better to please him and play along to beat him at his own game. But you must not lose your nerve and your own goal.

The buyer as a mixed creature

No buyer can be assigned exactly to a specific type. The classifications are only intended to help you to better assess the behavior of the other person based on the prevailing personality structure. For example, a buyer is never 100% a pragmatist, but maybe only 80% and there is also a 20% proportion of relationship buyers. Or someone is bargain hunter in large part, coupled with a dash of poker face shopping.

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