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The importance of digitization in the used car trade

Today's used car buyer has often already made his purchase decision before he goes to the dealer. This is because the initial touchpoint between customer and retailer is now digital. If you are looking for a used car, you should do a thorough search on the Internet. A technically clean and customer-friendly website can have a significantly positive influence on the purchase decision in advance. And it also decides whether a potential customer visits the used car dealer at all. So if you don't do your digital homework, you'll fall behind in the competition.

What are the main problems? Bad websites are not visually attractive and their information content is not sufficiently pronounced. They also perform poorly technically - especially on mobile devices (mobile responsiveness). Used car dealers who start at these points and improve their online presence can thus gain a competitive advantage with manageable effort.

What makes a good website?

A website should be well structured so that users can find their way around immediately. The text for a used vehicle should contain all the important information. Further information can be found one level down or in a detailed PDF.

The visual processing is also very important. Photos of a used car from all sides, inside and out, create trust. Video material has also been shown to increase conversion. After all, the website should offer the possibility of making inquiries in an uncomplicated manner. However, messages from potential customers must be answered promptly (on the same day or the next day at the latest), otherwise the advantage of a good website is lost again.

Last but not least, a website should meet the latest technical standards. A main problem is often too long loading times. In addition, it is important that the website also works perfectly on the smartphone (mobile responsiveness). Because most searches on the Internet today are started on mobile devices.

It is a truism that every retailer must focus on customer-centric thinking and acting. In the age of digitization, it is also important to present the offer on the Internet in the most customer-friendly way. The digital offer therefore belongs in the overall strategy of every retailer.

When used car dealers are the searchers on the web

Used car dealers are also constantly looking for new used cars on the Internet. The professionals at Buchbinder Sale not only use the possibilities of digitization with their website as a source of information, but also offer dealers and tradespeople the opportunity to bid on used vehicles online via Buchbinder E-Auctions. Especially in times of a very thinned out offer on the market, online auctions offer a good approach to refresh your own offer.

With e-auctions, traders can bid from anywhere via the Internet, just like with classic online auctions. In contrast to the "classic" variant, however, the auctions do not have a fixed term, but function like real-time auctions: on a specific date, the vehicles, all of which come from the joint rental vehicle fleet of Europcar and Buchbinder, go under the hammer one after the other - and although in the live stream from the auction hall. In this way, used car dealers can follow live how auctioneers present the vehicles, solicit bids and award the bid with a hammer.

With its e-auctions, Buchbinder Sale underlines that the Internet offers further options for trading in used cars to increase commercial success.

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