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The ten largest automobile manufacturers in the world

In addition to sales figures, the success of automobile manufacturers can also be measured by how many vehicles they sell each year. As in the previous year, Toyota recorded the highest sales figures for 2022, which can be seen from a list of the largest automobile manufacturers in Südkurier Since BMW and Mercedes Benz only occupy eleventh and twelfth place in the ranking, there is only one German manufacturer, VW, in the top ten.

Toyota prevails again against Volkswagen

With 10.5 million vehicles sold, the Japanese car manufacturer dominated the sales market in 2022. In Europe, Toyota was even able to sell two percent more vehicles than in the previous year. In addition, the group can also record the greatest success in terms of market value - with a value of 64 billion US dollars, Toyota is also at the top here. And the best-selling car in the world is also produced by Toyota: the Corolla was sold a total of around 30 million times.

As in 2021, Volkswagen is unable to overtake Toyota. The only German automobile manufacturer in the top ten sold 8.3 million vehicles in 2022, but has recorded continuous declines in sales since 2019. In 2022, VW sold seven percent fewer vehicles compared to 2021.

Hyundai takes third place with 6.9 million vehicles sold. The South Korean manufacturer was able to increase its sales figures and sold 3.3 percent more units in 2022 than in the previous year.

GM, Stellantis and Renault achieve almost the same sales figures

In fourth place is General Motors with 5.9 million vehicles sold, just ahead of places five and six. The US automobile manufacturer recorded a sales decline of 5.6 percent, with eight percent fewer vehicles sold the year before than in 2020. The group's strongest brand remains Chevrolet.

With sales of around 5.8 million units, Stellantis takes fifth place. Of the 14 companies that belong to the group, Fiat is the strongest in terms of sales, closely followed by Jeep and Peugeot. The European car manufacturer also includes Citroën, Maserati and Opel.

The alliance of automobile manufacturers Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi sold 5.8 million vehicles in 2022, making it the sixth strongest manufacturer worldwide. In 2017, Allianz was still considered the strongest automobile producer in the world, but sales have been steadily declining since then.

The seventh largest car manufacturer in the world is Ford with 4.2 million vehicles sold. The US company was one of the few in the top ten to increase its sales figures: Ford was able to sell seven percent more vehicles compared to 2021.

Japanese car manufacturers in the top ten three times

In addition to the manufacturer with the highest sales worldwide, eighth and ninth place also come from Japan: Honda sold 3.8 million vehicles with a sales decline of almost seven percent compared to 2021.

The Japanese group Suzuki, on the other hand, managed to increase its sales figures by seven percent: with around three million vehicles sold, it is the ninth strongest automobile manufacturer in the world.

The Chinese automobile manufacturer with the largest sales is only the tenth strongest in a global comparison. SAIC sold 2.8 million vehicles in 2022.

Only one German company in the top ten

Mercedes-Benz is even behind in the list with around two million units sold. However, the Swabian car manufacturer still has the second-highest market value in the world at $61 billion.

It remains to be seen how the two flagships of German automobile manufacturing will fare in the future. Competition with other emerging Chinese car manufacturers and the battle in the electromobility market will play a major role.

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